Our Story

GOLDEN SKY AVIATION SERVICES was established in 2009 Gregorian -1430Hijri out of a need for a unified platform that enables the aviation industry stakeholders to meet their objectives and conduct business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with ease.

Since its inception, the company believed in the importance of  simplifying the process and technology in a way that could lift the burden off of service providers or customers.

Our Vision

Golden Sky is working to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030 and Quality of Life program to support its objectives of opening its doors to the world.

Golden Sky strives to provide the best services to our agents and customers in a way that uplifts the industry and provides a seamless online and offline experience.

We continue to work to become the best service provider of ground support services for aircraft and Umrah services, tourism services & tourism programs & Tourist accommodation locally and internationally.

The Golden Sky Promise

B2C and B2B Services

We provide logistic services support to foreign airlines operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Executive Regulations of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia and representing foreign airlines within a general agency to finalize and facilitate government procedures for obtaining licenses and permits for landing and transit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to supervise and follow up agent aircraft at the Kingdom’s airports through ground service companies for aircraft.

Provides logistical services for visitors and pilgrims who are coming from abroad  by the executive regulations of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Among these services are the implementation of special programs for the visitors of the Two Holy Mosques who are coming from abroad. The company obtained license No. 1387 issued by a decision of His Highness the Minister of Hajj.

The company seeks to provide the best services at the highest levels according to professional standards to serve visitors, pilgrims and develop its services to open new markets for all countries in a manner that suits and serves the convenience for the visitor of the Kingdom, and the pilgrim to the Holy mosque.

Our Services and Solutions



Golden Sky has partnered with several aviation, airlines, logistics, hotels, transportation companies around KSA and the region to offer the best services to all of its customers.


Satisfied Customers

Golden Sky enjoys an extensive customers and clients portfolio and has managed to keep itself atop the competition through innovative and effective services.



Our company bridges its customers to over 300 destination around the globe. We have successfully enabled our customers to reach their destination at the right price.



Our platform has already served 4000 customers and we continue to expand our reach and our services to more customers not just in KSA but also around the Kingdom.

"We are proud to be a leading Travel & Avaaiation Service provider in Saudi Arabia."

Golden Sky

Tariq Miro


Comitted to Vision 2030

Golden Sky maintains its commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Vision 2030 with the objective to diversify the economy by making way for new industries and opening its doors to the world.

Golden Sky believes that it will be an active contributor to the Vision and will be one to play a role in achieving the objectives of the Vision and uplifting the Tourism and Aviation industry through its solutions tailored specifically to serve the needs of the Saudi market.